Our Dogs



CKC CH Istjarnar Keilir (“KK”)

Istjarnar Keilir, “KK”, came to us from our friend and breeder in Iceland, Elma Cates.  Please see her website, www.istjarnar.com, to find out more about Elma’s beautiful & clever dogs.  

KK has remarkable colouring for an ISD—he is grey, black and tan with white.  His sister, Katla, who remains with Elma has the same colouring.  KK’s handsome markings and winning smile catch people’s attention.  He’s a calm, confident, loving, and happy dog.  Very quick to learn and is a bit of a show-off.  He earned his CKC championship in August 2015 and loves to be in the ring!

KK eyes were CERF tested as “Normal” in June, 2016. OFA Hips were rated “Good” in Feb 2014.

KK sired two litters in 2015:  one with our Eisa (4 pups); the other with Audurs Hestia (7 pups) in Washington.  He sired three litters in 2016; one with our Eisa (3 pups); one with Audurs Hestia (4 pups) in Washington; one with Audurs Opal (5 pups) in Montana.

If you are interested in KK for stud purposes, please contact us.

……………..Istjarnar Keilir’s Pedigree (Click here)



Runamuck Himna Earendil, RN (“Eisa”)

Runamuck Himna Earendil, “Eisa”, came to us from our friend and breeder, Scotti Harvey at Runamuck Ranch (www.whyrunamuck.com) in Washington State.

Eisa is red, white and black.  She’s a dainty, pretty girl who isn’t afraid to “jump in”—whether it is a social situation, friendly romp, or body of water.  She’s very affectionate and smart.  Eisa is enjoying Rally Obedience and earned her Rally Novice title in 2016.  She is working towards her Rally Advanced now. 

Eisa’s eyes were CERF tested as “Normal” in February, 2017, and her hips were rated “Good” by OFA (x-rays done in Dec 2014).  We hope to breed Eisa and KK again in 2017.

………Runamuck Himna Earendil’s Pedigree



Haustlita Vígdís Orradottir, RN (“Sóley”)

Sóley joined the Ronan pack in August, 2015.  Sóley came from our friend and breeder, Joan Dow in Michigan.  She came from a large litter and had no trouble fitting in with our other three dogs.  Being the youngest dog, she’s full of fun and mischief and likes to get the other dogs going!

“So-So’s” colouring is sable with black markings—eyes, ears, nose and tail—and she’s very pretty.  She’s doing very well with Rally Obedience too and obtained her Rally Novice title in May, 2017.

Haustlita Vigdis Orradottir’s Pedigree


Camasrock Little Mermaid (“Holly”)

Holly is obviously not an Icelandic Sheepdog but recognized as an honourary ISD “auntie”.  She served as a “chew toy” for KK when he first arrived and puts up with a lot of ISD nonsense in her amiable fashion.  It’s not all rough & tumble—there are lots of tender, quiet moments too.