Puppies 2018

We are pleased to announce that KK (Ístjarnar Keilir) and Sóley (Haustlita Vigdis Orrasdottir) are expecting puppies September 11th or 12th! This is Sóley’s first litter. The pedigree for this litter is shown below.

The inbreeding coefficient (5 generations) is 1.42, the inbreeding for all generations is 20.55% and the mean kinship (MK) is 20.25, which makes it a “light green” litter.

OFA results: both dogs’ eyes are “good”; Sóley’s hips are “excellent”; KK’s hips are “good”. 

A waitlist has already been started for this litter. To join the waitlist, please contact us by email (nancy@ronanicelandics.ca).